Upcoming Projects

Part of our vision is to create AAA-quality, 3D game experiences that are designed from the ground up for mobile. We’re building a foundation of leadership and senior game developers to design stunning mobile worlds which delight millions of players globally. We’ve also been building a proprietary mobile-first game engine with 3D and real-time multiplayer capabilities. Read more and look through our job openings.

Level Design
As a level designer for Dead Space and Battlefield projects at EA, I was able to create magnificent game worlds for our players. My goal in design has always been to bring players a sense of discovery and wonder that allows them to be immersed in gameplay.
Video games have always been a huge part of my life and background. I love being able to use that passion everyday while also tackling the unique challenges of user experience design in games and entertainment.
Game Design
Before Pocket Gems, I worked at CCP Games as Design Director. Having spent almost my entire life engrossed in hardcore gaming I look forward to bringing those kinds of deep, rich experiences to mobile audiences for the first time.